dinsdag 5 april 2016

Google Maps has an awesome surprise for Batman fans

Thanks to Google, Batman fans around the world are now able to tour Bruce Wayne’s house through its Street View feature, and even have a snoop around the adjoining “Batcave”, all in 360 degree view!

Simply type “Bruce Wayne’s residence” in the search bar (or even easier, click here).

Once you click on the Street View version, you’ll be thrown into a very contemporary lake-side lodge. If you click on the wall toward the right of the fire place, you’ll be transported into Batman’s secret layer, complete with the Batmobile and armor etc!

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Bestuur je eigen K.I.T.T.

Deze auto, een van de beroemdste uit de tv-geschiedenis, kun je nu ook als model nabouwen . K.I.T.T. was altijd al zoveel meer dan gewoon ee...