maandag 28 januari 2013

Pop-Up Container Hotel

Pop-Up Container Hotel Opens In Antwerp

Nowadays, we are kind of used to seeing pop-up shops, kiosks, food carts, restaurants, bars, parks and workplaces. However, were still happy to stumble upon this neat pop-up hotel! Sleeping Around is an original concept developed by an Antwerp-based group of four who came up with the idea for a moving hotel.
The concept is to recycle and reuse six, 20 feet-tall, abandoned containers in order to create an accommodation facility that is able to move and pop up in the most extraordinary places. Four of the containers are used as fully-equipped rooms, while the rest two are functioning as breakfast and lounging room and a sauna. The aim of the creators is to offer a pure, authentic yet comfortable and adventurous experience to the visitor. It is also possible to book the whole structure for a private event, such as a winter barbeque.

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